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PPN50i (Single Trip): 014,101

Nail series: 34 ° paper collated galvanized, hardened strip nails
Wire diameter: 4.0 mm
Nail length: 40 - 50 mm

Technical Features

  • Battery capacity: 4000 fixtures
  • Fuel Cell Capacity: 1250 fixtures (at 5 ° C)
  • Weight: 3.9 kg including battery
  • Magazine Capacity: 21 nails


  • Joists hangers
  • Sole brackets
  • Truss clips
  • Z-clips
  • Connector plates
  • Strapping

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature performance - Intelligent fuel injection system delivers unrivalled cold weather performance with a working threshold of -15ºC to +49ºC
  • Fuel cell loading - The patented locking system means the fuel cell self-locates into the lock position, making loading a simple operation
  • Removable magazine - Makes light work of clearing jams and debris from the tool
  • On / Off battery - New easy click on / off settings enable the tool to be left in safe mode, without needing to remove the battery
  • Depth Adjuster - The tool-free depth adjuster with it’s unique locking system means consistent nail embedment every time
  • Indicator lights - LED lights indicate;battery charge - green for positive charge - red for low charge - orange flashing for tool cleaning: flashes after 30,000 shots indicating time to clean the tool
  • Self Locating Probe - The tool nose piece successfully locates the hole, even where joists are spaced only 300mm apart and at angles of up to 35°. When the tool is fired the ‘probe’ kicks out of the way, driving the nail into the hole.
  • CE Marked


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