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Aplicatii speciale

Special applications

Towers and Platforms

Any kind of tower, whether it is a viewing platform or a television tower, are exposed to the weather without any protection. No building material withstands this permanent stress on a long-term basis. Therefore, waterproofing systems are applied in regular service intervals. One reason that plays a major role when it comes to select the right material is the resistance against wind suction, also because thunderstorms and heavy weather seem to appear more often. So, in the course of the curing process, SNAKE fully bonds to the concrete substrate. The adhesion over the entire areas eliminates wind suction and maintains the function of the waterproofing.

Wind energy plants

Wind energy plants have weak points that need to be waterproofed: expansion joints and the concrete plinths. Even though waterproof concrete is utilised, joints can be subject to extreme stress caused by freeze/thaw cycles. Due to harsh weather conditions the concrete may show cracks and spalling. Penetrating moisture poses a real threat to expensive technology.

Monuments and heritage buildings

Most structural damage results from moisture. Monuments and cultural heritage buildings often are affected just because of the age: moisture in the bricking or concrete causes corrosion, salts absorbing water increase their volume and contribute to erosion as well as water freezing in the winter. Due to the application in liquid form, SNAKE easily waterproofs narrow spaces between balusters, in corners and curves, covering cracks. The material maintains its elasticity over a temperature of – 30 to 90 °C and can be optically adapted to the overall appearance of the building.

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