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TEVI PE pentru combustibil

For many years our company has promoted new technologies of making polyethylene pipelines for gaseous fuels. With the development of modern techniques and technologies, we have consecutively developed and improved its production base and research facilities. Currently, we have the latest world-class technology, both in the production of polyethylene pipes and in the potential for research, inspection and analytical testing of raw material and finished products. The production lines are fully automated and equipped with equipment for drying raw material, spiral head, melt filter, cooling tanks with the control of water flow and temperature, caterpillar haul-off preventing pipe deformation, and thermal marking.

All these elements ensure achieving and maintaining optimal technological parameters, and thus guarantee obtaining correct quality of pipes all along their length. Our production lines and used raw materials, which are supplied by reputable Western companies, provide a consistent high quality of PE pipes in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 1555.


All those polyethylene pipes are designed for the supply of gaseous fuels of the groups: I (GS), II (GZ), III (GPB) and IV (GP) at a maximum operating pressure of 1.0 MPa. 

Our PE pipes may be used for the construction and repair of gas distribution networks in both urban and rural settlements. SDR 11 pipes made of polyethylene of minimum grade PE 80 may be used for the construction and repair of gas distribution networks in mining areas of the categories I-IV. 

To manufacture PE pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels, we use polyethylene of the following material classification: PE 80 and PE 100. * 

* Raw materials supplied by reputable Western companies. 
Density of the polyethylene used is not lower than 930 kg/m3.

Production range and technical parameters of pipes of PE class 80 yellow color for distribution of fuel gas
Production range and technical parameters of pipes of PE class 100 in orange color for distribution of fuel gas


Our PE pipes are marked with permanent and black in colour lettering

- Manufacturer's name

PN-EN-1555 - Standard number, 
GAZ - Pipe for the supply of gaseous fuels, 
010 - MFR group, 
PE-80 - Type of raw material, 
110x10 - Outside diameter and wall thickness, 
05.07.04 - Production date: year, month, day, 
SDR-11 - Standard dimension ratio *, 
XXX - Batch identification, 
X - Team symbol 

* SDR = d/e is the ratio of the nominal pipe diameter "d" to the wall thickness “e”.

Our PE pipes of the diameter of up to 110 mm are coiled. Pipes of the diameter greater than 110 mm are cut into sections of 6 or 12 meters long. The method of packaging, i.e. packing in bundles or in bulk, and the length of pipe sections (6 or 12 meters), you may always agree with the Sales Department. The pipe ends are capped, which protects them against dirt, and coils and bundles are bound with a tape.

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