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Cooling of glass buildings requires high energy input. Heliopan uses solar energy to reduce these costs considerably. Heliopan Façades combined with innovative cooling technology replace normal air conditioning systems. The use of the Heliopan cooling and heating system is capable of achieving amortization of cost within 7 years. With Heliopan you are ready for an independent future.

Great Heat – Quick / Swift Cooling

The most important benefit of cooling with solar power is that the demand for cooling parallels the solar irradiation. When solar irradiation increases, the temperatures rises and the demand for cooling also increases; when that happens, the use of solar power becomes more effective!


Heliopan uses thermal compressors instead of electronic ones. So 98% of the energy demand is satisfied by solar energy – that is why Heliopan-operating costs are marginal. The independence of energy suppliers preserves the environment – Heliopan is “your very own power plant” – and when it’s getting colder outside, Heliopan supports the building’s heating system and the production of hot water. We also provide support with planning and help in system dimensioning. Heliopan energy – façade system includes:

  • Integrated Heliopan energy panels
  • Heliopan building services
  • Heliopan control system
  • Cooling absorption system (7-100 kW)
  • Heliopan air-conditioning ceilings

The perfect “Heliopan” circulation

Solar cooling plant

Office building Schörfling, Austria



Heating and hot water generation are the classic applications of hydro-solar panels. Up to 80% of the hot water demand of a heating system can be produced by the Heliopan energy façade – far and away more efficient than is achievable with a conventional solar heating system! Unsurprisingly the ideal application is in buildings with significant water demand, such as swimming pool, hotels, nursing homes, spas, and the like.


Perfect even where the angle of sunlight (azimuth) is low!

Warm water generation is the classic way using solar heat. Now Heliopan really shows the strength of its energy façade by outperforming normal solar heating systems. In Autumn and Winter the solar azimuth is particularly low but by integrating the solar heat facility into a façade the solar irradiation at even low angles optimises the outcome.


Heliopan hydro-solar façades…

  • are the ideal solution for refurbishment,
  • can be integrated into existing systems,
  • show their highest efficiency in combination with floor heating systems, air-conditioning

ceilings and thermal concrete activation.

Midsummer, Autumn / Spring, Midwinter

Heliopan air-conditioning ceiling



Why should energy generation be limited to solid roof areas? Generate power with your façade or your glass roof with Heliopan Electric installed within the building envelope; in this way you become substantially independent of fossil fuels. Naturally of course Heliopan Electric can be combined with other innovative Heliopan elements …


Heliopan can be used for the production of heating and cooling, and also for generating power. High efficiency photovoltaic modules in “Heliopan Electric” are your very own power plant inside the façade. Power, cooling and heatproducing panels can all be combined in one façade to widen the parameters for façade design: apart from known design elements like varied colours and forms, the panel function can also be “designed”. The energy producing character of the Heliopan surfaces can be simply exposed or can be attuned to the aspirations of architectureal design by using opaque or partially transparent elements. The evolution of Heliopan has ensured that it can be combined or integrated expanded with a range of widely available commercial systems and photovoltaic modules, for example:

  • ASI THRU® from Schott
  • Ecotemis
  • Coloured solar cells from Sunways
  • Heliopan industry modules
  • Heliopan hybrid


strom 1 dsc_0023web dsc_0018web

Coloured Solarcells


Each and every ray of sunlight is used by the Heliopan energy façade system to generate energy – this “ALL IN ONE” system at the same time, through the solar screening lamella, provides cooling.



Office buildings are usually built in a multi-storey form. Consequently the façade area is much larger than the roof area. The sun on the façade necessitates the use of a sunscreen; so why not combine the useful with something more meaningful? Energy can be generated and the sun can be blocked with Heliopan’s solar screening lamellas which can be used in a number of different ways:

  • To achieve ideal clouding
  • As an effective glare shield
  • To reduce the cooling load
  • For additional solar energy generation
  • With fixed or motor-driven solar screening lamellas
  • Up to 30 % more output


Various types of Heliopan are available as a sunscreens:

  • Thermal flat plate collector
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Photovoltaic
  • Hybrid lamellas




Wide variations of colours, surfaces, angles, frames, jointing, sheeting, glass combinations and dimensions provide almost infinite freedom of design. The dimensions, colour and surface texture of the Heliopan Panels can be selected to suit individual specific needs. With Heliopan panels you can compose various designs customized for your façade.


Various options and variants as well as continuing further development, with the already existing potential to satisfy non-standard customer requirements, provide great scope for design:

  • Dimensions: up to 3m x 4m, (larger available on request)
  • Colours: more than 60 Eloxal – colours & combinations
  • Surfaces: various textures and glass coatings
  • Absorber surface textures: standard metal, perforated metal plates, expanded metal, etc.
  • Façade system details: frames, cover bars, silicon joints
  • Functions: solar heat, photovoltaic, hybrid
  • Façade systems: transommullion-system, elemental system, windows, pure glass-façades and any façade made of aluminium and steel.

Continuing scope for evolving design results from Heliopan’s ongoing development. Innovative ideas from architects challenge us to create innovative solutions.

Tell us your design – we will produce energy out of it!


highenergydesign1 highenergydesign2 highenergydesign3
Heliopan High Energy - design variations
highenergydesign4 highenergydesign5 highenergydesign6
Heliopan High Energy - design variations
electricdesign1 electricdesign2 electricdesign3
Heliopan Electric - design variations


Heliopan’s hybrid elements are the primary example of the energy façade: ALL IN ONE hybrid elements do not mean solely the generation of power by the façade. The combination of solar thermal and photovoltaic modules reveal the intrinsic benefits of Heliopan: heating, cooling and power generation in one panel.



ALL IN ONE describes the variety in design and functionality of this one product. Through ongoing research Heliopan hybrid-panels were developed and ALL IN ONE became reality.


The combination of a photovoltaic module with a solar thermal layer behind creates completely new opportunities for building energy facades. Although the façade area of a building is comparatively large, it is not limitless; consequently it is important to use the areas of a buildings envelope carefully. Now the fact of being able to generate power, heating and cooling in just ONE panel expands the potential efficiency gains from using façade and solar power.


Now there is the unique opportunity for ‘Design without limits’: a full spectrum of colours and multiple designs are available in combination with transparent photovoltaic modules to suit practically every Architect’s and Engineer’s desires.


Heliopan Hybrid has even more features and functions:

  • The photovoltaic modules are protected against weather by the façade panels
  • The modules are cooled by using the rejected heat
  • The complete solar radiation spectrum is utilised
  • Attractive sponsorship grants


Heliopan’s ALL IN ONE Hybrid collector is a giant step into the future – towards ultimately self-sufficiency in energy production!



Hybrid collector – up to 20 % higher efficiency


Hybrid collector

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