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Pajarito scule pentru tapet, finisaje si parchet

Catalog scule de mana pentru finisaje si pardoseli PAJARITO (download)

Oferta scule de mana pentru finisaje si pardoseli Pajarito (download)

Oferta masini profesionale Pajarito (download)

Catalog trafaleti profesionali PAJARITO by cameleon (download)

Catalog sisteme iluminat PAJARITO by cameleon (download)


The Pajarito tools in operation

A picture speaks a thousand words: In our product videos you can watch our tools in operation. This way, you know immediately how to arrive – step by step – at the best possible result. The videos are made by professionals for professionals. Let’s go – just click and use!


The all-round talent from Pajarito

Say good bye to tedious measuring and the calculation of complicated and contorted cuts when laying a floor. Be it corners, heater pipes or door frames – the Pajafloor Multi-spider transfers all measurements and angles with ease, saves you a lot of time and prevents unnecessary mistakes.

  • For all corner cuts – even diagonal
  • Accurate adaptation of door frames, heating pipes, curves etc.
  • Suitable for the laying of design flooring, parquetry, laminate and tiles


Full power for professional perforation

Professional perforation of all wall hangings (except fibreglass) on all surfaces. Just place on the wall and move over the wall hanging in straight lines. Perforation depth individually adjustable according to thickness of wall hanging. The even perforation allows the solvent to penetrate quicker and evenly.

  • Self-propelling
  • 6 Perforation wheels
  • Adjustable from 1,000 to 2,000 revolutions

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