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Cameleon Ecologic - placi si filz


Our Cameleon Ecologic panels are a 100% natural material made of top quality wood and cement. Fundamental elements of construction — wood and cement — are fused in the wood shaving panels by combining the resilience of cement with natural properties of wood. The use of wood shaving panels continues expanding rapidly, owing to the unique advantages of application of this material.

ECOLOGY – a natural material

AESTHETICS – a wide choice of textures, shapes and hues

HEALTH – creates a favourable environment, anti-allergenic, breathing

LONG-LASTING – does not become deformed, does not lose its properties over time

ACOUSTICS – an effective sound insulation and absorption material

FIRE SAFETY – high fire safety ratings (B-s1, d0)

HEAT-INSULATION – excellent insulating properties

CONVENIENT USE – easy to transport, process, cut, assemble and paint

Sound insulation and absorption of undesirable noise, suspended ceiling constructions, wall covering.

Ceiling and wall systems

Permanent formwork systems, timber frame construction solutions to reduce heat losses and to ensure optimal indoor climate - construction insulation, thermal inertia increase.

  • Wood frame building
  • Permanent forms
  • Basements
  • Wooden frame housing
  • Ceilings, roofing
  • Floor Units
  • Permanent shuttering, partitions

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