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Advantages of PVC-U sewerage pipe

»  high resistance to many chemicals; 
»  total resistance of the outer surface to the corrosive and destructive effects of ground water (do not require protective coatings); 
»  smooth inner surface, which is connected with the resistance to formation of internal sediments and clogging, as well as with reducing the flow resistance of liquid;
»  easy to place and install due to their length, light weight and type of couplings;
»  long service life of pipes;
»  with respect to the exfiltration of wastewater into the ground, the tightness of connections ensures the protection of the environment, as well as with respect to the infiltration of groundwater into the sewerage system, it is associated with the economics of the construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants;
»  low weight of pipes, several times smaller than for substitutes (concrete, stoneware, cast iron);
»  high resistance to wear.


Construction of the sewerage, drainage, combined sewerage, and storm water sewerage, for the non-pressure conveyance of water.

How to connect:
- Standard design: push-in joint connection.

Depending on the socket design, two types of PVC-U sewerage pipes may be distinguished:

P – pipe with a rectangular socket groove, outer diameters of 110-500 mm 
W – pipe with an oval socket groove, outer diameter of 630 mm

We manufacture the following types of PVC-U sewerage pipes for external (out of the building) sewerage systems: 
- homogeneous pipes according to the PN EN 1401-1 standard 
- structured-wall pipes according to the PN EN 13476 standard


»  Gasket ring joints

Clean the pipe socket and place the gasket in the dry groove with the thicker part backwards. To facilitate this the gasket can be pressed to form the “8”-shape. Then, clean the outer surface of the bare pipe end, apply talcum or SILPASTA R to decrease friction, join the pipe section by pushing the pipe into the socket to a required depth. Detailed data on joining and lying the pipe sections is provided in the Instructions listed below.

»  Cemented joints

For adhesive bonding of PVC-U pipes, use only an aggressive adhesive. Degrease the pipe surfaces to be bonded with methyl chloride. Before applying the adhesive, make sure that the surface is dry and clean. Apply the adhesive uniformly with a brush, starting from the innermost end of the socket. The whole operation shall not last longer than one minute. Once the adhesive is applied, press home the connected elements. Immediately after joining, remove the excessive adhesive. The joined elements shall not be moved for 5 minutes after joining.


sewage pipe of PVC-U, light series "L" (SDR 51) SN2

Type “K” – available as Ø 160 - 200 mm 
Type “P” – available as Ø 160 - 630 mm
Product range and technical data

sewage pipe of PVC-U, medium series 'N' (SDR 41) SN4

Type “K” – available as Ø 160 - 200 mm 
Type “P” – available as Ø 160 - 630 mm
Product range and technical data

sewage pipe of heavy series 'S' (SDR 34)

Type “K” – available as Ø 110 -200 mm 
Type “P” – available as Ø 110 - 630 mm
Product range and technical data


sewage pipe of heavy series (SDR 29) SN12


Type “K” – available as Ø110 – 200mm 
Type “P” – available as Ø110 – 630mm 
Product range and technical data

Additionally, pipes of medium type “N”, heavy type “S”, and super heavy type (with lengthened socket – the "U" is increased by 110 mm) are used in the areas of damages of mining.

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