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The unique Paslode Impulse system consists of three components: the first Gas Nailer Paslode Impulse second Paslode Impulse fasteners third Paslode Impulse fuel (Fuel Cell) to ensure a proper and safe operation of the system, these three components are perfectly matched. Changes to any of the three components result in alterations of the other two components by themselves. Paslode Impulse is a harmonious system, which is only available while in a functioning and secure balance, as long as attention is paid to the perfect coordination. Many trifles may therefore influence the harmony and the interplay of the parts. Therefore, always make sure that you use only genuine parts from Paslode.

High flexibility

  • No hose
  • No power cable
  • No compressor
  • Absolute freedom, flexibility and mobility. You save valuable construction, dismantling and resetting times and therefore costs
  • For your safety. No security risk by more hoses, cables and devices with contact actuation on ladders, scaffolds, and roofs.

All drive components are located inside the unit and work like a car engine. From a replaceable fuel pack of fuel (CFCs) injected and ignited with a rechargeable battery. This energy is released that drives the nail into the ground pulses. No power cable more for the compressor, no more hose for the nail gun, no work interruptions - by moving the compressor due to short hoses or cables. No assembly and disassembly of the compressor, no sticking to the tube - all is much more convenient. single hose and wireless. In the future is sufficient to set pulses with pulses and pulses Eintreibenergie nails and you're ready for fast, safe and clean work.


The fasteners
All Impulse fasteners are supplied with appropriate fuel cells in packs dedicated to specific tools, to ensure that you have sufficient gas to drive all the fasteners. Smaller “Handy Packs” are available for the most popular fastener sizes.

In this section you will find an overview of all current Paslode Impulse - products and current documents. If you should have any further questions, our consultants and the sales team in Galati will be happy to help you any time.

To view the documents or download files, you will need a PDF reader, get the Acrobat Reader . The documents were created from the Acrobat version 6. Technical changes may occur.


IM100i IM90i
IM90i Lattpuls
IM350/90 CT

PPN50i IM45 CW IM200/32 hafte IM65A F16

IM65 F16 IM50 F18
IM200/50 S16 capsator

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