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Silicon lube

Advanced silicon-based lubricant for all sliding surfaces. Also protects against moisture and corrosion, creating a transparent protective film. Use wherever there is grinding or friction, and to waterproof engines, electrical systems, firearms, etc. This is the only lubricant suitable for use with all materials, including plastic, metal and wood.  SIZE: 400ml

P.O. 208

Un spray lubrifiant antirugina cu penetrabilitate ridicata. Are calitatea de a se penetra si de a indeparta igrasia si rugina de pe orice suprafata. Ofera o lubrifiere perfecta a oricarui obiect metalic, in mod simplu si rapid, asigurandu-i o functionalitate excelenta. Este folosit, de asemenea, pentru pornirea motoarelor ude, deoarece neutralizeaza igrasia de pe componenentele electrice precum: cablurile bujiilor, combustie etc. In ambalaj veti gasi si un tub de acces. 

SIZE: 300ml



Professional anti-rust spray. This is the only product of its kind that contains vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCI), which create a molecular barrier for unbeatable rust protection. Ideal for lubricating, protecting and freeing mechanical parts and accessories. Special applicator tube is included in the package. 

SIZE: 200ml


Mos lube

Special highly adherent lubricant for greasing and protecting chains, gears and engines. 

SIZE: 400m


Lithium lube

For clean and powerful lubrication and protection in any conditions. Reinforced with lithium for enhanced performance in any number of uses around the house and on cars, lorries, motorcycles, boats, etc. 

SIZE: 400ml


Contact cleaner

Colorless top quality cleaning fluid for electrical and electronic components. Removes dust, traces of oil and fingerprints, leaving no residue. Do not use when the appliance is switched on. 

SIZE: 400ml


Auto Shine

Shiny, deodorising, antistatic, protective dashboard spray for use in cars, lorries, boats, etc. A four-purpose product that leaves no ugly spots and gives a long-lasting shine. 

SIZE: 300ml


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