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Wind barrier membrane is intended for application mainly in external walls of light frame or steel structure buildings. The product can also be applied under siding and in ventilated facade systems.

WG 100, 150 wind barrier provides protection of building walls against wind and all types of moisture from the outside. ADVANTAGES:

  • provides external protection of thermal insulation of walls against precipitation and uncontrolled flow of air, significantly decreasing losses of heat energy of the building,
  • an Sd factor of ?0.02 m guarantees appropriate ventilation of building walls, protection against dampening and the resulting contamination by fungi and moulds,
  • protects thermal insulation against fibre tearing and contamination by dust,
  • prevents the building from cooling off, allowing it to maintain high thermal parameters,
  • slow-burning,
  • UV stabilisation makes the product suitable for direct exposure to sun rays for up to one month,
  • easy to install: the membrane is overprinted with special marking for easier overlapping.
Surface weight g/m2 100
Vapour permeability ≥g/m2/24h ≥2200
Sd value m ≥0,02
Longitudinal tearing strength N/5 cm 205
Transverse tearing strength N/5 cm 125
Range of working temperatures °C -40
Range of working temperatures - from °C +120
Standard reel width m 1,5
Standard reel length m 50

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