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Avantajele capsei:

- Face corp comun cu materialul, priza foarte buna;
- Economie la material - sunt mai usoare deci sunt mai ieftine;
- Risc minim de crapare a lemnului;
- Mai putine daune la fibra lemnului rezulta rezistenta mai mare la smulgere;
- Se pot impusca mai aproape de marginea materialului oferind astfel o fixare mai buna.

Capse seria KL 1400 si
KL 800
Capse seria KL 4000

Capse seria KL 5000 si
KL 6000

Capse seria KL 500

Capse seria KG 700

Capse seria HD 7900

Capse seria SD 91000

Capse seria BK 2500

Capse seria BS 29000

Capse seria FD 3000

Capse seria KL 9000

Capse ondulate WN

When Haubold joined ITW in 2007 they brought with them over 100 years experience in staple and stapler development.
The ITW Industry stapling programme now provides the most innovative range of solutions available from fine wire 20 and 22 gauge staples for fixing breather paper, foils and linings to 14 gauge heavy staples up to 150mm long for fastening insulation and even structural applications.
To cover the breadth of applications for staples, we offer staples with crowns as narrow as 5.8mm and as wide as 27mm.
Galvanised and A2 stainless steel staples are available from stock, whilst we can also offer to special order 1.4529 grade ultra corrosion resistant stainless staples for extreme conditions.

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