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Filter bags and filter elements are manufactured for any type of plant from air filtration industry to environmental protection and production efficiency. Areas of application include:

  • Asphalt production
  • Furniture and flooring production
  • Cement industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutics


The fabrication of the filter elements is done in our own workshop equipped with special machines perfectly designed for the production of filter bags and filter elements. .

The proof of quality is sustained by the ISO certification 9001:2000.


The filter elements are made in a variety of sizes, matching the order specifications of the client. .

The best value for money

The prices are certainly the best reported to the Romanian and European markets. .

The filter materials have the highest performance and have been tested by the world leading companies in each field. They have specific characteristics for each industry sector in terms of temperature, density and permeability and therefore they provide high efficiency in the filtration processes. .

A wide range of treatments can be applied to increase the chemical resistance of materials and durability and to offer enhanced cleaning properties.

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