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Schele profesionale de aluminiu productie in Germania

The HYMER brand offers a comprehensive range of mobile towers for all purposes - whether in construction, industry, installation or maintenance and repair.

There is a choice of four tower families:

  • DIY Range
  • PRO quality
  • SC 40 mobile towers - the mid-range in quality and price
  • ADVANCED SAFE-T mobile towers: The innovation in respect of safety in use
  • SC 60 mobile towers - the high quality tower range with a great variety
  • SC 80 mobile towers - Hymer Comfort Assembly based on SC 60 towers

SC 40 and ADVANCED SAFE-T mobile towers are optionally available with solid welded frame sections or light, flanged frame sections. Platforms available in 1,50 and 2,00 m lengths.

SC 60 and SC 80 mobile towers comprise solid welded frame sections with particularly sturdy rungs. Fittings are easy to swap, all components are designed for intensive continuous use. SC 60 and SC 80 mobile towers are available in platform lengths 1,90 m, 2,45 m and 2,95 m.

pdf Click here to find out more about the Hymer mobile tower ranges

Erecting scaffolds in full safety

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