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Technical description
Our offer PVC-U pipes in three ranges of working pressures: 0.6, 1.0 and 1.6MPa. The pressure pipes are produced of PVC by means of extrusion with such additives as stabilizers, dyes and lubricants. The pipes are available in ash colour, with smooth external and internal surfaces.


On one end the Ø63mm pipes are provided with a socket having a groove to accommodate a rubber gasket, which is a joining and sealing element and is made of a specially profiled rubber. The gasket is placed in the groove on the socket. This joint is a detachable solution that allows moving the pipeline sections to compensate for any pipe elongations. The PVC-U pipes can also be joined with traditional pipes (cast iron, steel).
Pipe PVC-U PN 6 (SDR 41), PN 10 (SDR 26) and PN 16 (SDR 17) - drawings and technical data
The pipes can be used at the temperature of max. 45oC. 
The acceptable working pressure decreases with the growth of temperature, for which the pipeline is installed. 
The working-to-nominal pressure conversion coefficients at various temperature ranges is presented in the table below.

Temperature (oC)







k coefficient







Pipe brittleness increases below 0°C. The pipes obtained the national attestation (by PZH) that certifies it for use to supply potable water.


Gasket ring joints

After cleaning the pipe socket, place the gasket in the dry groove with the thicker part backwards. To facilitate this, make the gasket ring into a “figure-of-eight” shape. Then, clean the outer surface of the spigot pipe end. To increase the slip, apply a lubricant agent to this pipe end and make the connection by pressing the pipe into the socket to a proper depth. Detailed data related to pipe connection and placement is provided in the Installation Instructions which is sent upon request of a customer.

PVC-U pressure pipes, GW type

We work with manufacturers of GW-type PVC-U piping systems used for the construction of underground pipelines and pipe networks in the areas affected by mining activities. Modified socket depth allows the GW-type PVC-U pipes to be installed in the areas exposed to continuous deformation, intensity of which corresponds to the 4th category of terrain. 

PVC-U pressure pipes, type "GW" are used to build pipe networks of drinking water and of other liquids for operating pressures of 0.6, 1.0 and 1.6 MPa at the temperature of 20°C. In addition to general advantages, that stand plastic pipes out from pipes made of other materials, the PVC-U pipes, type "GW" do not require additional compensation devices, which are necessary in mining areas in the case of other engineering solutions. 

PVC-U pressure pipes type "GW" PN 6, PN 10 and PN 16 - drawings and technical data.

Standard pipe length for all operating pressure ranges is L = 6 m + 0,02 m.
The nominal pressure corresponds to the maximum operating pressure at the temperature of 20oC.

For Ø63 mm up to Ø450 mm pipes an thermoplastic rubber seal is used (EPDM).

Note: When installing the GW-type pipeline of the range of nominal diameters from 160 to 450 mm, the direction of the gasket installation is reversed. For diameters from 63 to 110 mm, the gasket is installed in the traditional way.

PVC-U stopper ring - drawings and technical data.

Note: For pipe diameters 500 and 630 mm, there is used a gasket with an internal split retaining ring, to be installed at the factory. 
Installation of joints for the pipelines of diameters from 160 to 450 mm, placed in mining areas differs from traditional piping installation. The difference is that the gasket is placed in the socket groove in the opposite direction, i.e. the taper inwardly and then a PVC-U stopper ring is placed into the groove.

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