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Protective film, made of top quality components, is the perfect material for protecting the surface against damage caused by dirt and during:

  • transport,
  • assembly,
  • mechanical handling,
  • storage.

These universal protective film products can be used whenever surface protection is required. The versatility of the film makes it possible to use it for different purposes, as required by the customer.

Safety film should be used in accordance with technical specifications supplied with the product.


  • metal and coated surfaces,
  • window profiles (PVC, Al),
  • windowsills,
  • furniture,
  • white goods,
  • carpeting,
  • bathroom fittings.


  • tear-resistant,
  • strong, durable,
  • easy to install,
  • flexible,
  • universal,
  • UV-resistant,
  • easy to remove,
  • weather-resistant,
  • does not leave any traces on the surface.

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