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Tehnologie pneumatica

In this section you will find an overview of all current Paslode pneumatic stapling and nailing equipment and current documents. If you should have any further questions, our consultants and the sales team in Galati will be happy to help you any time.

To view the documents or download files, you will need a PDF reader, get the Acrobat Reader . The documents were created from the Acrobat version 6. Technical changes may occur.



PSN90 • PSN100.1 6512/130SQ•6625/160SQ F250 S PP PSN50NP

CNW70.1 CNW90 F N1835 • FN1850 F N1650 • FN1665.1

FN16A 65 S200S16 S150N18 S 200W16 • S150W16 R

MDS1830 • MDS1840

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