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Folii pentru agricultura, solarii si gradinarit


Folii tip tesatura pentru agricultura

Our agricultural fabrics have been appreciated in Poland for many years. They have received numerous awards at sector fair events (Agrotargi, GAL-OPAK, POL ECO).

Their exceptional properties and parameters are constantly improved to contribute in an even more effective way to higher yields and higher quality of fruits and a better growth of trees and shrubs in agriculture and fruit farming.


  • weed prevention in nurseries, orchards and gardens
  • bedding for trees, crop plants, ornamental shrubs, flowers
  • protection against soil pests
  • establishing gardens, escarpment cover
  • at points of sale of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • in greenhouses and garden tunnels (white fabric).


  • high water and air permeability
  • maintains proper soil moisture
  • increases the soil temperature during vegetation
  • does not inhibit fertilizer permeation into the soil
  • improves phytosanitary conditons - protects plants against diseases
  • inhibits weed development
  • protects against bacteria
  • resistant to fungi and moulds
  • chemical indifference for soil
  • ecological (limited use of herbicides)
  • competitive price
  • durability of up to 5 years, owing to UV stabilization
  • a broad selection of parameters and sizes.
Surface weight g/m2 94 ±6 100 ±6 120 ±7 165 ±8
Linear warp density 1/dm 81 ±1 100 ±2 69 ±1 57 ±1
Linear weft density 1/dm 46 ±1 44 ±1 39 ±1 39 ±1
Longitudinal breaking force ?
Transverse breaking force ?
daN 80
Resistance to UV radiation lata 4 4 4 4
Colour - black, white, green, brown
Width cm 40-445 do 360 do 500 do 500
Light permeability % 0,5-1,5 - 0,4-3,6 -
Air permeability dm3/m2s 236 - 258 -
Water permeability
H -50 mm
dm3/s 0,07 - 0,10 -

Folii netesute pentru agricultura

Plants need special protection against unfavourable weather conditions to develop well and to yield rich crops. To create a proper microclimate with moderately higher temperatures and relative air humidity and to protect them against frost and water loss in winter it is enough to use one of the broad range of agricultural non-woven fabrics for covering plants. The effect? Earlier crops, greater yield and higher quality of the plants.


  • to protect plants in horticulture, vegetable gardening and fruit farming
  • in floriculture, garden and forest nurseries
  • as a protection against heat loss in greenhouses and garden tunnels
  • for winter protection of plants against frost and water loss
  • as soil bedding (black agricultural non-woven fabric)


  • durable, light, resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • high air and water permeability
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • effective protection against unfavourable weather conditions i
  • protection against birds and rodents
  • possibility of using it for several years
  • easy to install
  • strengthened edge
  • broad range of sizes.

Membrane pentru acvarii exterioare, lacuri mici si diverse ochiuri de apa

The selection of the appropriate insulation material is one of the most important decisions to be taken while creating a waterhole. It should be not only durable, resistant to damage and easy to install but it should also meet aesthetic requirements. These are characteristics of the waterhole membrane, one of the broad range of our products which have been enjoying unchanging popularity among our Clients.


  • for the construction of waterholes and garden ponds
  • for the construction of pools in the so-called small garden architecture


  • durability, water tightness, flexibility
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • easy to install
  • increased resistance to weather conditions, including low temperatures
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • the membrane can be welded - offering the possibility of building waterholes with unique shapes
  • it does not emit substances harmful to plants and animals

PARAMETERS: Sizes: 6 m x 25 m i 8 m x 25 m

Membrana pentru horticultura (3straturi)

Owing to its unique three-layer structure, the horticultural membrane meets the highest requirements of professional vegetable and flower growers.

Its heat absorption ,at a level of over 80%, increases crop efficiency, accelerates plant vegetation and constitutes an effective protection against frost, allowing for considerable heat energy savings in heated tunnels.

It can be installed on both high and low tunnel structures made of PVC tubing, metal angle brackets and rods or wooden elements with smooth surface.


  • construction of garden tunnels for a period of up to 5 seasons
  • for crop protection in horticultures, agriculture and forestry
  • for crops requiring high light intensity, especially during low-temperature or cloudy spells, e.g. for roses or early vegetable cultivars


  • low light reflection coefficient ensuring high permeability to solar radiation
  • selective permeability to infrared radiation
  • good anti-electrostatic properties
  • lightness and flexibility
  • high durability and tensile, puncture and tear resistance
  • resistance to weather factors and UV radiation
  • vapour and gas impermeability
  • easy to install
  • possibility of usage in the broad range of temperatures from -40° C to +50° C
  • special versions with increased values of resistance, anti-fog and thermal insulation parameters are available upon request.

PARAMETERS: is available in several types, appropriately for the planned period of use: UV-2 product stabilized for 2 seasons, UV-3 product stabilized for 3 seasons, UV-4 product stabilized for 4 seasons and UV-5 product stabilized for 5 seasons.

ProductStandard sizes
UV-2 6 m x 33 m
8 m x 33 m
12 m x 33 m
UV- 3 12 m x 33 m
UV- 4 6 m x 33 m
8 m x 33 m
12 m x 33 m
UV- 5 12 m x 33 m

Membrana netesuta din polipropilena

By investing in the latest technologies the our company keeps extending the spectrum of its products to meet the expectations of its Clients in the most effective way. In 2010 the latest product was launched polypropylene nonwoven fabric stabilized against UV radiation, manufactured on one of the most modern process lines in Europe. Another product in the broad range of top quality membrane and nonwoven fabric products is distinguished by numerous applications in various industrial sectors.


  • to perform windproof insulation of stud walls,
  • to install an additional layer protecting attics, under the roofing,
  • as protection of attics during the roofing work,
  • as a thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • to produce multilayer insulation materials.


  • to shield plastic tunnels or greenhouses against the sun,
  • to shield and cover plants (it speeds vegetation, increases yield, protects plants from pests and weather).


  • in the design of upholstered furniture as a sliding layer between the filling of the furniture and upholstery,
  • as an upholstery covering invisible parts of furniture (backs and undersides),
  • in the manufacture of linings for pillows, quilts, headrests,
  • for the production of spring mattress covers, pockets for springs,
  • for the production of garden furniture.

SHOEMAKING AND LEATHER-WORKING: lining, pockets, covering elements (eg. backpacks, bags).

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: insulation, soundproofing, upholstered items.


  • for the production of medical and protective clothing: disposable apparel, medical aprons , surgical clothing, gloves, caps, shoe protectors, medical masks,
  • for the production of disposable protective work wear, painter's, acid-proof.


  • for the production of foil sheets, disposable sheets, covers,
  • for the production of suspensories, diapers, disposable underwear.


  • strength, durability, resistance to damage,
  • lightness, flexibility,
  • ease of assembly and forming,
  • increased resistance to UV rays,
  • high air and water vapour permeability,
  • resistance to changes in weather conditions
  • and temperature,
  • produced from the highest quality materials,
  • a wide range of thicknesses available,
  • versatility of applications,
  • very large range of colours,
  • competitive price.

PARAMETERS: weight from 10 to 200 g/m2, width up to 1.60 m

Membrana pentru pomicultura si agricultura

Shade netting is a tested solution supporting effective production in agriculture and fruit farming. They ensure optimal ventilation and - by selecting the appropriate shading level - make it possible to easily adjust plant growing conditions, including the temperature and the amount of sunlight.

They protect crops against changeable weather conditions in an effective manner: in winter against frost, wind and hail and in summer against excessive sun exposure.

The hight quality of Wigolen shade netting guarantees that they will be used for many years.


  • in nursery farming, horticulture and forestry
  • in greenhouses
  • to collect seeds, fruit and other crops
  • as protection of recreational and sports areas (tennis courts, paintball grounds)
  • as protective material at swimming pools


  • ensures optimal ventilation
  • durable, resistant, flexible/li>
  • light, easy to install
  • resistant to damage
  • resistant to chemical agents
  • ecological
  • increased resistance to UV radiation
  • a broad selection of the degree of shading
  • broad range of parameters
  • made of top quality materials
  • competitive price


  • Degree of shading: 35%, 55%, 75%, 95%
  • Width: 260 cm, 300 cm
  • UV stabilization: 5 year guarantee
  • Colours: dark green or other - upon the Client's request
  • Packaging: 50, 100 or 200 linear-metre rolls

Membrana pentru silozuri

The silage film has been enjoying well-deserved popularity among silage producer. Owing to its three-layer structure it is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and to weather conditions. It ensures perfect protection of silage against the air and heat radiation thus promoting the optimal course of fermentation processes.


  • in forage production
  • for making silage from fresh and wilted green plants
  • as the outer cover of heaps
  • as lining for silage silos
  • to cover storage clamps with roots and tubers of fodder plants


  • increased mechanical durability and high resistance to punctures
  • significantly reduced gaspermeability
  • impermeability to long-wave heat radiation
  • increased values of thermal insulation parameters
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • lightness and flexibility
  • easy to use
  • competitive price


  • Width: 6 m, 8 m, 12 m
  • Length: 33 linear metres, 33 linear metres
  • Colour: black and white

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