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BEMO sisteme metalice de acoperis si fatada


Prezentare generala solutii metalice pentru acoperis si fatada BEMO (download)


BEMO specializes in projects that appear impossible at first glance. The patented, award-winning BEMO-MONRO system enables designs that, for a long time, were simply not possible. It is a revolution in roofing and façade design for free-form architecture. Innovative surface technologies ensure our products make a lasting impression. Our coatings are available in every conceivable hue, in a variety of finishes. Thanks to our mobile production systems, we can provide on-site support for projects all over the world. Even when it comes to challenging building shapes and very large roofs. We deliver the best of “German technology” to ensure the highest quality. From 3-D planning, to production, to installation.


We understand that every project has different requirements when it comes to aesthetics and cost. This is why BEMO offers a broad portfolio of materials, coatings and finishes to suit almost every need. When selecting a material, quality is our utmost imperative – but suitability for a particular building and micro climate is also vital.

We consider a material appropriate for a project only if it fulfills key criteria such as cost effectiveness, durability and ease of maintenance. It must retain its function and appearance in the face of environmental influences for decades to come and it must require minimum cleaning.


The right surface not only increases the building’s visual appeal. It also shields it from environmental influences, protecting your valuable investment – and extends cleaning and maintenance intervals. BEMO offers a wide range of surface finishes, paints and coatings. And we are happy to assist you in selecting a solution in line with your specific requirements. We consider a variety of factors, such as the roof pitch, intensity of air pollution and UV radiation, and desired color.


BEMO’s standing-seam profiles are suitable for a vast array of applications. We select materials in line with each project’s requirements from our wide range. This allows us to create long-lasting roofs and façades for nearly all environments – even aggressive micro climates such as those found near highways, at airports or in salty coastal air. Our mobile equipment allows us to produce very long panels. This makes it possible to clad very large inclined roofs with continuous profiles.

Flowing lines and round or oval building forms are possible thanks to concave and convex BEMO-MONRO profiles. And they’re not just highly attractive – they are also highly functional. What’s more, our high-quality solutions for green roofs and specially-designed mounting profiles BEMO-AKKORD and BEMO-TOP allow you to make an active contribution to environmental protection. With BEMO, there are no limits to your imagination.




With BEMO, there’s only one rule: forget the rules.
Explore your own individuality, and your personal style. BEMO specializes in projects that appear impossible at first glance. The patented, award-winning BEMO-MONRO system enables designs that, for a long time, were simply not possible. It is a revolution in roofing and façade design for free-form architecture. Innovative surface technologies ensure our products make a lasting impression. Our coatings are available in every conceivable hue, in a variety of finishes. The more unusual they are, the greater the impact. Join us on a journey of discovery. And of diversity.


The ultimate goal of architecture is to enhance our lives.
Every designer and architect knows: it is not enough for a structure to simply look good. It also has to be technically feasible and cost efficient. BEMO can help you strike the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. Drawing on our expertise and deploying advanced mobile production equipment, we can manufacture products and components at the construction site. This enables us to offer flexible solutions in line with your imperatives for a tailor-made shape.


Our greatest source of inspiration is the natural world. And that’s why we’re protecting it.
A responsible approach. We put a great deal of energy into ensuring that buildings require as little energy as possible. How? Through innovative systems and solutions. By leveraging state-of-the-art glass-fibre reinforced materials, we create a roof structure that avoids the transfer of heat from roof to building. Our specially designed attachement systems enable the creation of seamless surfaces that are ideal for the deployment of photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. Aluminum is the ultimate eco-friendly material: It is 100 percent recyclable. In fact, 75 percent of the aluminum ever manufactured is still in use today. EcoClean™ coating by Alcoa is a breath of fresh air for your building. It is selfcleaning and actively contributes to a cleaner, greener atmosphere. A 1 000 m² area of EcoClean™ has the same neutralizing effect on smog as 80 trees. This and other examples reflect our philosophy: It is not enough for a project to be an immediate success. It has to be a lasting success.

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