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Plakard Magnezium

Plakard Magnezium is aconstruction and insulation panel at world class quality. % 100natural, breathable and durable boards can be used in both interior and exterior applications for all types of insulation requirements. Main features of Magnezium insulation and construction panels;• A1 Class Fire proof and non flammable• Water resistant and dump free• High Heat and Sound Insulation• Impact resistant

Plakard Magnezium is one of the major construction panels that provides all these features in one product.Easy installation saves from time and labor. Plakard Magnezium dry wall systems increase the room space by minimizing the thickness ofthe walls. Panel’s light weight takes the additional load from the building structure which also helps to improve safety and qualityof the buildings.The panel`s eco-friendly and recyclable nature contributes to green and sustainable projects.


DIMENSIONS(mm) 1220x2440/2750/3000

THICKNESS(mm) 4/6/9/12/15/18/20/25

COLOR  Pale White, Front Surface SMOOTH, Back Surface SANDED

• Ecologic & Environment friendly

• No Discharge of Toxics

• Insect and Bacteria Free

• Highly resistant to variable climate conditions


Interior and exterior coatings, cladding and façades, roof cladding, protection of load bearing systems of buildings, indoorpartition wall-systems, drywall linings, suspended ceilings, raised floors, underlayment on concrete floor & tiles, light steel andprefabricated buildings, production of fire doors&shaft covers&furniture, insulation of cold storage rooms, places being exposedto water & damp.


Plakard Magnezium is made of magnesium oxide, magnesiumchloride, perlite, woodchips and reinforced with multi layersof fiberglass fabric.This panel does not contain Asbestos, organic solvents,toxins or heavy metals.It can be used against effects of fire and sea water in shipping and yacht building sectors.All Plakard Magnezium boards should be handled and applied as advised by the manufacturer.

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