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Plier Tools

Here you can find all our STUBAI pliers in different styles for example with 2K handles or in 1000 voltage layout.

Spanners and Wrenches

Beside well-known screwdrivers, sockets and spanners of all varieties you can find here in addition our new, exclusive operating tools.

Woodworking Tools

Our product line „Woodworking Tools“ contains several screw clamps, both wood chisels and firmer gouges as well as squares and levels.

Woodcarving Tools

Our Woodcarving Tools are known for its highest quality and whether amateur or professional carver, the STUBAI Woodcarving Tools are very popular.

Woodturning Tools

This range includes premium Woodturning Tools in different shapes, lengths and models as well as fitting accessories.

Construction Tools

Our huge range of Construction Tools contains approved Hammers, various trowels in different models, floats for any uses and much more like our well-known Bolt Cutters, Steel Fixers Pincers, Tile Cutting Machines, Stone Carriers and Chisels.

Roofing Tools

Here you can find high-quality Pliers and Tin Snips in various types for the daily use of a roofer. Furthermore you can find here Roofing Seamers, Hammers and new Bending Tools.

Forestry Tools

This range includes different Axes, Lifting Hooks, Felling Levers, etc. in standard layout, as well as in “Nirolook”, ergonomic aluminium handles or in “Nature-Line”.

Cutlery Products

For Trainees and Professionals: These high-quality knifes are convenient for both butchers and gastronomy companies.


Our always developing assortment of Mountaineering products enjoys great popularity and is constantly changing. This excites not only Climbers but also Campers and Ski-Tour lovers.

Safety Systems

You can always feel safe and carry out your work with these Work Gloves, Protective Helmets, Industry Harnesses etc.

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