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Coelan diverse solutii pentru pardoseli

COELAN is a decorative coating and liquid-applied waterproofing specialist. COELAN has been developing high-quality and innovative liquid synthetic materials for the construction industry since 1954. The popular brand has made a name for itself, particularly in the highly versatile field of polyurethane chemistry. We manufacture products for the following areas:


Floor Coatings
Roof Coating

Balcony and Patio Coatings

Wood Coating

Boat Coating
Tile Coating Professional

1. Diverse sisteme de acoperis.

Metal roof, mastic asphalt, synthetic sheeting, PUR in situ foam, concrete, screed, bitumen sheeting or bitumen sheeting with a chippings finish, aerials, parapets, lightning conductors, roof edges, outlet vents, gutters, skylight domes, chimneys or wall junctions – COELASTIC EVO takes on every challenge. Even the waterproofing of foundations of wind turbines.

2. Balcoane si terase --> Solutiile COETRANS by COELAN.

3. Pardoseli --> Solutiile COEPLAN by COELAN.

4. Placi ceramice --> Solutiile COERAMIK.

Would you like to transform your bathroom into a place of well-being without having to cope with dirt, noise and high costs? Simply renovate the tile surfaces with our COERAMIK Tile Coating Professional! The product is perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens in private houses but also for carwash facilities, commercial kitchens and underpasses.

5. Barci, yachturi si alte ambarcatiuni --> solutiile COELAN Boat Coating!

Whether for wooden boats, steel boats, inflatable dinghies, fenders, aluminium and GRP boats or timber components such as ramps, chairs, masts, oars, etc. – the COELAN Boat Coating offers a world of possible applications. Protect your boat for many years against influences such as oil, fuels and solvents – and of course against wind, weather and UV light!



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