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Echipamente de protectie


Dickies Workwear - echipamente de protectie

Dickies Streetwear - casual

Manusi safety by Gpard Confort

Ochelari safety by Gpard Confort

Gpard Confort - gama comerciala de echipamente de protectie

Electrosecuritate by Gpard Confort

Echipament de lucru la inaltime

Cizme pentru agricultura si cresterea animalelor


Dickies has manufactured hardwearing workwear since 1922, it is undeniably a company of the twenty-first century.

Employing the latest developments in fabric technology and manufacturing techniques, Dickies high performance workwear is suited for even the harshest working environments.

Quality workwear in both traditional and modern styles that delivers performance, comfort and protection at an affordable price.

British RO Investments Srl can now supply "Dickies" workwear products in Romania. These products are sold throughout the world, particularly in the USA and Western Europe. They are recognised for a very high standard of quality, hard wearing and excellent value for money.

Dickies comprehensive catalogue is 196 pages, if you follow the link below you can flick through the catalogue online without actually downloading it, this is a much better way of looking at the products

de protectie

  • De iarna
  • De vara
  • Impermeabila
  • Reflectorizanta
  • Tricouri, Sepci, Caciuli
  • Alba
  • Speciala
  • Aluminizata
  • Utilizare limitata
  • Unica folosinta
  • Sorturi

de protectie

  • Pantofi
  • Bocanci
  • Sandale
  • Saboti, Papuci
  • Cizme
  • Incaltaminte alba
  • Incaltaminte ESD
  • Ciorapi, branturi

de protectie

  • Piele
  • Impregnate
  • Textile
  • Sudor
  • Antichimice
  • Antitermice
  • Electroizolante
  • Unica folosinta
  • Iarna
  • Speciale

de protectie

  • Cu brate laterale
  • Cu banda elastica
  • Pentru sudori
  • Speciali
  • Accesorii

de sudura

  • Masti de protectie pentru sudura, calota de protectie si geamuri de protectie

de protectie

  • Viziere si calote de protectie

de protectie

  • Casti de protectie simple si complexe, sepci de protectie



  • Interne
  • Externe
  • Dispozitive

si semimasti

  • Semimasti simple
  • Semimasti cu supapa
  • Semimasti cu filtre
  • Masti cu filtre
  • Sisteme speciale

de siguranta

  • Centuri de pozitionare
  • Centuri complexe
  • Mijloace de legatura, opritoare de cadere, franghii
  • Carabiniere
  • Diverse


  • Truse sanitare, Stingatoare
  • Aparate detectie si masurare
  • Semnalizare, delimitare
  • Genti
  • Curele
  • Centuri
  • Genunchiere

si igiena

  • Detergenti, solutii curatare
  • Ingrijire si curatare a pielii
  • Prosoape, lavete
  • Articole pentru igiena
  • Galeti, perii, maturi
  • Diverse



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