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Pazii, placari exterioare -pvc,micro steel profile, lambriu etc

Pazie PVC CAMELEON Fassade

Prezentare pazie pvc Cameleon Fassade (download pdf)

Cameleon soffit is intended to build up the roof eaves outside. This solution provides possibility of fast and permanent improvement of the building aesthetics, and it ensures appropriate ventilation of the roof. Laminated elements can also be used to build up ceilings and walls inside the building. Do not use soffit to cover building elevation.

Why is Cameleon soffit the best?
  • Fast assembling
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee – 25 years
  • Very easy to keep clean, does not demand any maintenance
  • Available in the most desirable colours
  • Wetness, mould and fungi resistant.
  • Lightweight – you can assemble it on delicate structures.
  • Makes difficult building nests by birds and insects.


RAL 9010


RAL 1013

Brown **

RAL 8016

Dark brown **

RAL 8019

Graphite **

RAL 7016





Wooden-like laminated soffit


Golden oak *


Dark oak *


Mahogany *


Ash *

Rosewood *

* - Do not apply in areas exposed for extensive sun light



Full soffit 


Perforated soffit


H clamping plate


J clamping plate



Packing, storing and transport

The elements are packed in foil bags adjusted to the length of individual panels and clamping plates.

To avoid deformations all elements should be stored and transported in a flat pile under a roof and supported on its entire length. The piling height shall not exceed 1m. The room temperature in he storage area shall not exceed 50°C. The products wrapped up with a plastic packaging shall not be exposed to a direct sunlight. During the transportation the load must be restrained to ensure no load movement. Avoid crushing the products and throwing them.

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