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Plasa protectie schele

  • securing and streamlining renovation and construction works as scaffolding cover performed at heights,
  • protecting third parties against being hit by small objects, such as debris, plaster or accidentally dropped tools,
  • low costs of installing the cover,
  • high airflow permeability - no risk of tearing or collapsing the scaffolding, e.g. in heavy wind,
  • improving the visual appeal in the form of optical insulation elements (tarpaulins, tents, barriers).


Surface weight g/m2 100 +-10
Odporność na promieniowanie UV lata 1,5
Longitudinal tearing strength N/5 cm 75
Transverse tearing strength N/5 cm 50
Rozmiar oczka mm 5,0 x 4,5

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